This service will keep the systems operating at peak performance, extend the life of the system equipment, inform the clients of potentially harmful bacteria in their well, identify many potential failures in advance, annual water level check

Priority service (within 24 hours of call)

15% discount on all purchased equipment

Replacement of pressure gauges and pressure switches as needed (during annual inspection)

19 Point Annual Inspection:
1. Open Flow Rate Test
2. Field Water Analysis including Coliform Bacteria and E.Coli
3. Well Water Level Check (if equipped with airline)
4. Motor Run Amps
5. Static Voltage
6. Run Voltage
7. Current Imbalance Check
8. Voltage Imbalance Check
9. Pressure tank inspection and adjustment
10. Float switch inspection and adjustment
11. Visual Inspection of Pumps
12. Visual Inspection of Tanks
13. Visual Inspection of controls
14. Visual Inspection of Gauges
15. Visual Inspection of Switches
16. Visual Inspection/Exercise of Valves
17. Visual Inspection of Pipes
18. Visual Inspection of Well Seal
19. Any Needed Lubrication of Equipment

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